Brooke Road, Ridlington, Rutland, LE15 9AN. England.
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Self priming centrifugal pumps have been our business since 1969 and we make them so well that some of our units have been in operation for almost as long as we have!

Our wide range of pumps are all manufactured, machined and built to individual specifications in our factory in Rutland and are used in many situations in the military, industrial (quarries, concrete industry), agricultural and fisheries markets for handling anything from industrial fuels and agricultural fertilisers to just plain clean or dirty water. The units will also handle up to 25% of solids in suspension making them ideal for use with slurries. Some of the applications in which our pumps have been used and more general detail about our pumps can be viewed by clicking on the relevant buttons below.

We have extensive in-house testing facilities, and all our units are run and thoroughly tested before shipment. We also offer a 12 month warranty against the unlikely event of any manufacturing imperfections.

Our technical department is happy to discuss any enquiries regarding applications, installation and even problems, and if we can't help with your requirements we probably know who can.

Finally, it is possible to buy a cheap imported unit which will do the same job for far less money, but it is highly unlikely that it will be virtually maintenance-free. Technical backup and off-the shelf spare parts availability will probably be non-existent and chances are it will need replacing within the year.

Our pumps not only work well, but they last.