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Electrically Driven Pumps

Model Ref: 6ME / 2.2kw

Our Electric Pump range comprise 1", 1.5", 2" and 3" units driven by close coupled 2,900rpm electric motors from 0.36kW to 15kW. Our smallest model the 1ME which is powered by a 0.5hp/0.36kw motor is capable of moving 113 litres a minute at no head. This pump is ideal for most small-scale applications.

The Models 1ME, 4ME and 6ME are all available with a choice of either a 240v/single phase or 415v/3 phase motor for use in both domestic and industrial situations. Our larger standard units are all 415v.

All our units are fitted as standard with carbon/ceramic mechanical shaft seals, but in situations using highly contaminated slurries, as you would find in concrete batching and stone cutting plants, these can be replaced at a little extra cost, with silicon carbide faced seals running in an oil bath.

Our models are all supplied with IP55 hoseproof motors as standard, but flameproof units can also be supplied for use in high risk applications.

Details of our electrically driven units for handling flow rates over 350gpm are available from our Sales Office.