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But what is a self-priming centrifugal pump?

Unlike other pumps a self-primer will automatically remove all the air in the suction pipework down to a maximum of 28 feet of vertical suction lift. The liquid at the bottom is then drawn up into the vacuum created in the pipe and into the impeller, whereupon the pump will begin to work at its maximum capacity. Our units perform this function automatically and do not have to be reprimed by hand each time they are used - hence the description "self-priming".

In order to give maximum life expectancy under arduous conditions all our units are manufactured from Grade 17 cast iron and are supplied close coupled to a range of standard IP55 and flameproof electric motors, petrol and diesel engines, hydraulic motors and in-line PTO gearboxes for 540 and 1,000rpm input, or as bare shaft units.

All of the castings and internal parts are machined by us "in house". We use high quality steel for our shafts and all bought out items are obtained through reputable suppliers have been tested for quality and reliability in the field over a period of many years. In addition to the standard seals we are also able to supply our units with seals that can be externally oil lubricated and cooled to protect the seal faces from damage by dry running.

Our standard range of pumps can generate flow rates of up to 350 gallons (1,575 litres) per minute, and heads up to 185 feet (56 metres), although we do also manufacture units that are capable of flow rates of up to 700 gallons (3,150 litres). Details of these larger units are available by contacting our Sales Office.